onsdag 28. desember 2011


Dear photography friends, my name is Holger Wagner. I’m a passionate photographer from Germany. I started shooting DSLR in 2006 with my first Nikon camera. I fell in love so much, that I learned over the years everything I could learn about photography and post processing my images. Regarding my specialty I absolutely agree with Rick Sammon, a famous photographer, author and instructor by the way, that I’m not specialized. But when it comes down to it, I love landscape and wildlife. At the end of July this year I had the chance to photograph sea eagles with at least for me, the worlds most famous eagle man, Ole Martin Dahle. You can check out my images from this trip right here http://www.wagnerphotography.de/blog/?p=399 At the end of my stay I talked to Ole Martin, that I would love it, to offer a workshop in the winter season for ambitious and excited photographers. And now the time has come.

I’d like to invite you to join me on a wonderful 5 day photography workshop in the wilderness of a beautiful Norway. I’ll teach you everything I know in a practical way, when we shooting in a small group side by side. After the practical part we do the whole digital workflow in “Adobe’s Lightroom 3” in Ole’s beautiful guesthouse right at the sea. So at the end of this “once in a lifetime” adventure you’ll head back satisfied with great images and some good new friends. Due to a small group, it’s a kind of private workshop surrounded by beautiful landscape and wildlife. Hope to see you and check out my website and blog to get an idea about me. It would be nice to get some comments. I want to close with Ole’s words “go where the pros go”. Let’s do it!

All the best and always good light,
Holger Wagner

For workshop informations click here www.wagnerphotography.de/norwegen_en.html

mandag 5. desember 2011

Bad Influence.

As a old band singer it's good to see that the young once is doing well. A local band from Flatanger called Bad Influence was into a competition Saturday night in the town called Steinkjer. Wenche and i try to go and see what we can when they have a kind of performance. For me it's difficult during summer but this time i have time to support the local stars:-)

This band is called Bad Influence and in the band it's Isak with his bass guitar, Tora who is the singer and the guitar player and Guri who is a singer as well + our son Vetle (drummer) who is Tora's cousin. They make all their music themselves.

This autum they have been in different qualifications and saturday the 3. Desember they were in the final togetter with 5 other bands.

This was the final to be Nord-Trondelags best rock band. Very good bands all of them. We knew that over local boys and girls is a good band but we did not imagine that they would be the all over winners!! But they took rock and roll back to to land of the Sea eagles!!!

This was just a great moment for us. Good to see that young boys and girls take their hobby seriously. And it was a few proud families driving back to Flatanger.

Great fun and today it's snowing!! Ole

torsdag 24. november 2011

Bad light but great fun

My good freind Staffan Widstrand from Sweden came over to Flatanger for a few days.

As most of you know, I never shoot with my guests. (Mybe with the Musk Ox). I started to feed the Goshawk about 3 weeks ago and the first guests this winter/autum have been doing realy great, all of them. There is a adult Goshawk and she is so much different/better from last winter. So when Staffan asked me to have a go with him I had to say yes:-) So Monday morning the 21th Nov we went down to the hide in the darkness.

Some warm strong cofe is needed, and Staffan is easy to spend some hours with. 0845 we saw the shadow, Goshawk landed on the bait. But it was the young one. Anyway a Goshawk is a Goshawk.

He did not start to eat, just looking at the Eurasian Jays, Sguirrels and tits. And than he started his own hunting and that was a show. For about one hour he tryed to get this fast Jays but with no luck.

But for Staffan and me this was great. The Goshawk was sitting all around and sometimes to close for me.. I was shooting with Nikon D700 and 200-400mm ISO 1600 all day and shutter not more than 100!! But when we could shoot for more than 5 hours there should be something sharp. We had to push him away because there where no one to bring us out, the guide was in the hide:-) But I was so happy!

Thank you for a great day Staffan and litle Gos! - Eagleman

mandag 14. november 2011

Great summer and first guests from US.

Hallo all of you!

Summer and autum have been a realy great this year. Sea Eagles have had a very good year, a great nesting season and my best day we had 48 dives.Happy with that, and there have been lots of old and new gusets comming. It's always nice to have old friends back but also to meet new people is great. I love you all:-) Even lots of nice girls. Dont tell my wife!!

I am already into the winter season and it looks realy good. Goshawk is back and she is a realy nice lady. Golden Eagles are back at the hide and Sea Eagles we still do by boat and they are just preforming well as always. Good friends out there.

November is so different, light is good and there is lots of species you never see in summer. Have seen leking Black Grouse now in Nov close to the sea, Great Skua have been around and that is not normal in summer, then I have my good friends the Artic Skua.

But this Nov. from 1.-9. I had my first guests from Amerika, Eric and Kevin. We had some very good days and they did well. This is why they have asked for more trips with me. US is maybe a big marked. So read what Eric and Kevin have done at this blogg. Also Eric have some nice pictures here.

So all the best for the winter and just get in touch if you need some new pictures and some fun in Flatanger. Ole M

I departed my house at 5:30 p.m. heading to Boston’s Logan airport for overnight flight to Iceland, with a connecting flight to Oslo, in southern Norway. I was meeting my friend Eric Grossman in Oslo and together we’d fly to Trondheim, where we would spend the night. This long first leg of our journey was my least favorite part of our trip. Ole, the perfect host, drove the 3 hours from his home in the village of Lauvsnes to meet us at the Trondheim airport. The 3 of us made the return journey north to his home. Eric and I were staying in the 4 bedroom guest house on his property. The house was perfect, set right on the water and had incredible views across to the marina where Ole kept his boat, and down the bay where we would sail the next morning. Eric and I had the immaculately clean house to ourselves and entertained ourselves by looking at the extensive collection of nature books in the reading room.

We were intrigued by the numerous framed prints on the walls of the white-tailed sea eagles, and wondered if we’d be lucky enough to see one in the following days. We soon found the next morning that we would not be disappointed. There are 20 nesting pairs of white-tailed eagles in the Flatanger area, and spending over 170 days a year on the water Ole knew where most, or all of them, were nesting. Anthropomorphizing a bit, Ole knew many on a first name basis. Eric and I found them to be challenging photographic subjects, but by the end of the first morning we both had incredible images of these magnificent birds. We both felt we had images that rivaled the framed prints hanging in Ole’s guest house. We had numerous close encounters with the eagles over the coming days.

But that was not all there was to experience in the woods and waters around Lauvses. Would we be interested in trying to see golden eagles and a northern goshawk Ole asked us. Our answer was a resounding yes. So we headed out the next morning before first light using headlamps to find our way in the woods as we hiked to several permanent blinds Ole had built in the woods. The blinds were comfortable and I quickly fell asleep as we waited for first light. My snoring must have been annoying to Eric, but fortunately didn’t seem to bother either the golden eagles or the northern goshawk. Not only were we fortunate enough to see both, but we spent several days photographing them from the warm and dry confines of Ole’s blinds.

The week with Ole went by far too quickly. Eric and I journeyed home with many fine images of white-tailed and golden eagles, northern goshawk, and many of the small European song birds found in the woods around his blind. Seeing and photographing both black grouse and a pygmy owl was an added bonus to our trip. We left making a new friend and were already planning a return visit.


Kevin McCarthy

Ole, thanks for a great week of shooting. The guest house is fabulous and one really feels at home there and the ability to cook and relax makes for a most pleasant experience. On the subject of the wildlife, there is only word to summarize - "Extraordinary". The blinds you have built and the knowledge of the area and animal life takes all the variables out of shooting but and puts it all on the camera operator to get the shoot as the animals seem to magically appear.

What can I say about seeing upwards of 10 pair of magnificent white tailed (sea) eagles. And then to have the opportunity to photograph them competing amongst other eagles for fish, watching them dive in for the fish and then almost on command, catch the fish and fly away - simply amazing. Then, to top it off, to see golden eagles and the goshawk on the same trip was the icing on the cake. And then if that wasn't enough, to see pygmy owl, moose, black grouse and the other wide variety of bird species, made for an unbelievable week of shooting. Can't wait to come back in the summer and when there is snow in the winter, looking forward to enjoying more of that great Norwegian hospitality. You are a great guide, a great host and now a new friend in Norway, once again, thanks for a great experience.

Eric Grossman

søndag 16. oktober 2011

What a week.

Last week i had 3 artists from Artists for Nature Foundation visiting Flatanger.

Juan Simo Varela from Spain, Jonathan Yule from UK and Wolfgang Weber from Germany. And what a week!

This week I have taken the artists to different plases, we have been in the protected Boral Rainforrest, out in the boat with Sea Eagles, Otters, Gulls and also Seals. We did one day with Eiders in Inderøy. One afternoon the artists did a workshop with the children at the school and they inspired young girls and boys.

And to see how different the arists draws is amazing. Sitting in the boat watching with their bin and than do great drawings, incredible!! 3 artists with different expressions. Friday we had a wonderful evening in the town hall with nice music from local artists, pressantation from ANF by Hans Rademakers, food from the living sea and our local hero (photographer) Stian Holmen. Stian is invited to the big GDT festival in Lunen Germany in late October!!

Saturday the artists had an exebition in the community center and lots of people came to see an buy nice art.

Also the main televisioncanal NRK have been here during this week and will come back next week to make a half houre about the artists and the nature of Flatanger. So the producer Ulf Myrvold have been working hard this days. This prorgram is called "Ut I Naturen" and will be to see in March 2012.

It's always nice to meet new people and this 3 artists gave me a lot. But it's always difficult when photographers or other people is leaving, emotional!! The good thing is that you still have this people, coming here, for a lifetime friends and that's just great.

So to the artists, thank you for meeting you, I realy hope to see ANF back in Flatanger.

mandag 3. oktober 2011

Artists for Nature

Fra den 2-9.Oktober i år vil Flatanger få fint besøk av kunstnere fra Artists for Nature Foundation.

De som skal jobbe her ute er
Wolfgang Weber
Jonathan Yule
Juan Simo Varela

Jeg har invitert disse til en workshop i Flatangers natur.

Er sikker på at mye flott vil bli laget disse dagene, og lørdag den 8.Oktober blir det utstilling av kunstverkene.

Fredag den 7.Oktober er det en naturbasert kulturkveld i Lauvsnes samfunnshus der vi pressenterer kunstnerne for de som finner det ønskelig å delta på en riktig så spennende kveld.

Det som også er spennende er at Ulf Myrvold fra NRK skal lage en halvtime for Ut I Naturen. Han skal også spille denne kvelden!! Spennende.

Så får vi se hva som kommer ut av dette. Spennende blir det og dette blir helt klar en anderledes uke for ørneguiden:-)
Men som jeg gleder meg.

Ole M

søndag 11. september 2011

Der „Adlermann“

På nettstedet geo.de kan du nå lese en artikkel fra Flatanger og se Staffan Widstrand i arbeid fra båten.

Håper du tar deg tid til å lese (teksten er på tysk) og kikke på videoen der Staffan snakker engelsk.

mandag 5. september 2011


I have just returned to the UK after yet another monumentally successful photographic trip to the Lauvsnes area of Flatanger Kommune; more specifically, the White-tailed Eagles of Ole Martin Dahle.

This area of Norway holds a very special attraction for me – an ancient landscape tamed by its inhabitants and unspoilt by the hand of modern commercial greed. Waters so crystal clear and packed with an abundance of life that forms the basis of a completely unspoilt and natural eco- system; where apex predators co-exist side by side with people who make their living from the very same waters.

As a native Englishman a lot of people find it strange when I tell them that if I had the money and opportunity then I would move to this coastal region of Norway in a heart-beat: it would be the only conceivable way that I could do photographic justice to this spectacular area as there is seemingly a new photographic opportunity around every corner.

From superb White-tailed and Golden Eagles to landscapes, and all points in between, this region of Norway has an abundance of photographic opportunities to offer the photographer who is prepared to make the journey. Irrespective of the costs involved I'd challenge anyone on the planet NOT to find a trip to Flatanger one of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences they could have in their entire lives.

And nothing gives me greater pleasure than bringing clients with me who have never been before, and who, on their return home, feel the same way I do; wanting to go back, and the sooner the better!

This latest trip has been the most spectacular to date with beautiful light and more eagles than I have ever seen before; with up to seven of them in the air above our heads at one time. Trying to make the most of golden opportunities like this is hard work as you are constantly trying to work out which eagle is going to dive for the bait fish. Combine this with swinging a 4 kilo lens by hand whilst trying to maintain focus and composition, all from a boat that is rolling in the sea swell, well; all I can say is that after four or five hours you need a rest!

Through his knowledge and experience with these incredible birds he can put the visiting photographer in front of so much action that you are literally begging him for a ten minute break if you are not used to the pace!
And you have to understand that it is not just a case of turning up in just the right place at the right time, there's a lot more to the art of photographing these eagles.
If there is no wind then the birds can come in to the bait fish from any direction which means that you can not predict their flight path, and they may also be flying with their tails towards the sun which means that their all-important faces are hidden in the shadow cast by their massive wings.
You get the same result when the wind is blowing towards the sun as all birds like to fly into the wind.
But Ole Martin knows all the areas in and around the islands and fjords where he can find variations in the weather conditions that are sufficient to give you good images.
This innate ability he has for being able to put you in the right place time after time is down to his understanding and appreciation of good photography; something which is quite unique amongst guides.

July 18th 2011
Andy Astbury Wildlife in Pixels
http://www.wildlifeinpixels.com andy@wildlifeinpixels.com

tirsdag 21. juni 2011


Charlie is my good friend, for 3 years he has been using my head and my Stoke cap as resting place.

For all of you who can watch german television. This man at the picture is Jan Haft, the boss of NAUTILUSFILM. They are very good and the 4th July you shold look at ARD at 20:15.


tirsdag 17. mai 2011

Sei, ørn og rev

Så er dagen med tiurleik og Orrleik slutt. To grupper, en fra UK og en fra Belgia har dratt hjem. Det gikk bra denne gangen også. Godt vær og godt med fugl, da blir alt så mye enklere. Etter noen hektiske dager med gjester, så må man ta en dag eller to "fri". En frikveld består i å dra ut med båten for å fylle opp med mat til de neste ørneturene.

Denne kvelden fikk jeg uventet hjelp av mine venner i Snåsa, ikke Snåsa-mannen med frue men nesten :-) Anne-Karen og Christer hadde kasta seg i bilen da det ble snakk om en seriøs fisketur, det er jo 2 timer å kjøre da. Disse to flotte menneskene drive egen virksomhet i Snåsa, workshop i foto og guiding på fiske ol i namdalens vakre natur , noe jeg vil anbefale å ta en titt på. Christer er en ordentlig villmann, gi mannen en stang og han er i fokus!!

Men etter en god time hadde vi tatt ca 130 småsei, noen ble plukket ut til en bedre kveldsmat mens resten blir ørnemat. Det går fort ca 4000 småsei i året på dette. Kvelden utafor Villa var strålende. Selvfølgelig måtte vi prøve et ørnestup eller to på veien hjem.

Like forbannet vanskelig å kaste ut fisk, båt i rett possisjon og så vaske fingrene før man finner et kamera som ikke er innstilt slik det skulle ha vært. Jeg er glad jeg ikke fotograferer når jeg har gjester!! Det hadde blitt bare tull! For meg og for gjestene!!

På heimveien er det alltid trivelig med alle måkene, de er undervurdert som fotoobjekt men jeg er igang med å høyne Måkenes status. Med Charlie, måken som sitter på mitt hode, gjør vi stor suksess. Charlie har vært trofast i 3 år nå.Vi har et godt forhold og omgås bare på sommeren+ litt på høsten og tidlig vår, kanskje litt om vinteren:-)

Under kveldsmaten dukker selvfølgelig Nikolaj opp, dyret innahus har vært forbannet i et år nå. At denne rævtaska skal ta for seg i hans matfat er under Troj's verdighet. Det lyder av Ulv inne i vårt hjem, ganske så ofte!!

Men en liten status for resten av året. dette er et utrolig godt ørneår, har vel ikke hatt så mange hekkende par så lenge jeg minnes. Det er ikke mange dagene ledig men jeg har dagene 9-10.Juni og 30-31.Aug + 1 Sept ledig. Mulig noen dager i perioden 4-9.Juli men dette er noe usikkert.

Med ønsker om en flott sommer til alle dere.
Ole Martin

onsdag 6. april 2011

"Onkel! E d mars no?"

Det er min nevø Brede Larsen Hunnestad som ringer. Joda, onkel kan bekrefte at det er mars nå -og jeg er også fullstendig klar over hvorfor gutten ringer.

Like før jul spurte Brede om han ikke kunne bli med ut og ta bilder. Men for en naturguide som meg er vinteren belagt med gjester- og Brede fikk løfte om positivt svar hvis han ventet til i mars måned.

Ja, så nå fikk jeg beskjed om at tiden var inne. Vi fant en dag der Brede hadde fri fra skolen. Han er en herlig gutt på ni år og nå ville han også bli naturfotograf-for en dag. Min kompis Kjartan hadde signalisert at han og Elias ville komme utover fra Namsos på ettermiddagen for å slå lag med oss.

Tidlig neste morgen var det klart for action.Vi startet i et fotoskjul for småfugler og Ekorn. Montering av fotoutstyr er viktig-slik at alt er klart når fuglene dukker opp på foringsplassen. Nikon D700 og et 200-400mm objektiv skulle gjøre en del av jobben.

Selv skulle jeg bare være litt til hjelp for gutten-slik at han skulle få et så godt resulatat som mulig. Onkel skulle ikke ta bilder i dag.Som vanlig er det full fart utafor skjulet med Dompap, Nøtteskriker, div meiser og disse tre utrolige Ekorna som holder til i skogen vår.

Det knatret godt i D700- kameraet, det er mye å ta bilder av. Jeg tenker med bekymring på jobben som skal gjøres etterpå. Den digitale verden er moro så lenge du sitter og tar bilder. Etterpå er det pyton!! Men økta i skjulet er over i rett tid på dagen. I pausen registrerer jeg at Brede hadde fått utrolig mange flotte bilder og at han fort lærer å finne motivet i søkeren-og sjekke at det så ok ut.

Neste økt var å besøke en nabo som har en oter under uthuset. På dette tidspunktet fikk vi besøk av namsosingene Kjartan Trana og Elias Arnø, alltid trivelig med slikt selskap. Jeg lurte litt på hvordan Brede skulle greie å holde kameraet og linsa, samt å finne et raskt dyr i søkeren. Selv om linsa nå var en 70-200mm så er dette tungt å holde.

Jeg kunne bare glemme mine bekymringer, gutten raslet i veg, serie på serie og Brede sikret seg bilder av oter mange vil misunne han!

Så var det tid for en vanskelig fotosession, Havørn- fotografering fra båt, de siste 3 timene av dagen. Været hadde slått om, flatt lys og mye vind.Men Brede og Elias ville så gjerne prøve ørna. Med en hale av måker som skriker etter brød, kjører vi ut.

Det tar ikke lang tid flatanger-ørna dukker opp. Vi får ørnestup på ørnestup og det " skytes" hundrevis av bilder. Jeg er imponert over Brede og Elias, sistnevnte er bare 11 år, men de står på-og noen ørnebilder blir faktisk meget bra.

Etter båtturen og fotografering av ørn-skal resultatet av dagens fotojakt sjekkes.Flere hundre bilder skal vurderes, og jeg ser faktisk fram til noen timer bak pc-en. Dagen med Brede, Elias og Kjartan var meget innholdsrik. Men den største gleden hadde jeg av å ta med min unge nevø ut i vår utrolige natur. Han fikk låne godt utstyr til å ta bilder med-og han utførte det utrolig bra.

Brede var også fornøyd. Kanskje får han låne onkels utstyr en dag lyset er lettere å jobbe med. Smilet i nevøens ansikt fortalte meg at gutten hadde hatt en flott fridag fra skolen-i naturen.