onsdag 15. desember 2010


Five years ago this happened. My wife was at home alone. Our cat Pusur was pregnant and this was the day for the birth. We have given Pusur pills not to get pregnant but it looks like she did it anyway:-)

On the veranda this day she started the birth and my wife had to help the cat. The boys was at school and eagleman out in his boat. The first young one came out, dead, nr two also dead and the same with nr tree and than 2 last once came out alive.

My wife found this realy sad with tree dead smal cats.

So she took a piece of paper and made a hole in the ground to dig down this tree deat cats.

She than took care of the mother and two young once who still was alive.

Our son Vetle came home from school and he saw something moving in the ground.
He went to his mother and told hear that something scary happend outside.
Wenche went out with hear young son and it was scary!! Up from the ground a tiny small cat came up from the "graveyard" stood up from the death! A small black, newborn cat digged himself up to into the sunlight.

So my wife thought it was dead but he was not!!! This wifes are scary as well!!!!
So to give this cat a name was easy, Lucky is still our beautiful black cat and he is doing well.