søndag 23. desember 2012


Just to tell you that everything is good here in Flatanger.


Thank you all, you make it possible for me. Have been a good year for my family and me. One of the reasons for that is because i can have the best work you can think of, meeting so many great people during the year.

Now there is time to start a new year. The first guests arrive the 4th Jan. Winterbookings are very good and so the birds and mamals. 

March - Shooting grouse in the mountains.
April - Cod dinner.

This autum i have been working hard to get the Pine Martin available. Looks very good and i am feeding this beautiful animals 3 times during the week.So in spring i have to build a hide or two. Realy looking forward to get this ready before spring.
May - Time for Capricalie

June - Wenche and Charlie, Charlie to the right.

So to all of you:
Take care during christmas and all the best for 2013. I am realy looking forward to meet “old” guests but also new once.

August - We love local plays, this is from Pe Torsa in Lierne.
September - Time for eagles with some great people.
Oktober - Island walking with friends
November - Time for some arty farty.
Desember - My only day in the hide in 2012 was the 18. Lots of eagles!
Greetings from Ole, Wenche, Odin and Vetle

søndag 2. desember 2012

What to do in November?

November. Where is the light, the light I need to make my photos?  I found it in Flatanger, Norway. 

November. A month not usually linked with much photographic enjoyment, more like a long waiting for Christmas. But, after spending 6 days with the nature guide Ole Martin Dahle it feels that all my wishes for Christmas already came through in November. 

There are two hides set up mainly for the Golden eagle, both in beautiful settings with very good photographic opportunities. The quality of the late autumn light here up north will cure all tendency towards winter depression. Even if the daylight is limited to some 6 hours, the low sun means that there is possibilities to photography all the day. 

Both hides offered several visits of the great eagle every day and even two at the time occasionally. To witness a fight between these magnificent birds is a truly special experience, believe me. A bunch of Jays offers entertainment for the trigger finger when the eagles are away.

One day Ole took me and another Swedish photographer, Kenny Isaksson from Göteborg, out on one of his famous boat trips. The day meet us with a freezing breeze from the sea and choppy seas but Ole offered us warm survival suits. Why do you want to go out on the sea in these rather harsh conditions? Because the archipelago of Flatanger offers several territories of the White-tailed eagles and Ole Martin knows them all. 

During winter time, there are also a substantial number of younger eagles visiting the area. A less than three hour boat trip offered more than thirty white-tailed eagles close to the boat and some twenty dives after fish in fantastic winter light. The combination of the large number of birds, low winter sun and Ole Martins handling of the boat made up for some special photo opportunities. 

Large number of Gull’s offers the extra entertainment that always seems to be a part of the deal when you are a guest here.

So Ole Martin, thank you for some unforgettable November days in your company in Flatanger. The combination of a truly extensive knowledge about the eagles and your photographers eyes packed together with your fantastic hospitality and house makes me want to come back. Soon, very soon!

Gunnar Aus, Sävedalen, Sweden

mandag 15. oktober 2012


Last week 5 researchers have been in my gusthouse for some days. Their main mission was to look for Eagle Owls in Flatanger, but during daytime they hade some time "of"f and they had some nets outsidethe house. Realy nice to see how they are working.

Most of the catch was Blue Tits and Great Tits. So I am ok with this small birds and I told them to keep away from the eagles. We do not like rings at our big birds!!

But also to guide them around with the bait listning for Eagle Owls when it wasdark was great fun.
We heard this amazing Owl and it's good to know they are around. They are realy hard to see but this days it's possible to hear in the evening. So Aurora Borealis with the sound of Eagle Owls is not a bad combination.

Just to let you know, this will be a great year for Aurora and we have seen it nearly every evening the last week. It's realy nice days out here now, great autum colours and great light. But  am sure we soon have the snow. And why not. During next week I will start feeding the Golden Eagles again, winter season is getting closer.

Did some filming with a Irish film crew from "Crossing the line film"  Cepa and Jon.This will be about the last 5 years project to bring Norwegian Eagles  to Irland. I have been a small part of that project and it have been realy great . This film will be possible to see in NRK during christmas.

Ole M

søndag 16. september 2012

First storm + award

The first storm came some days ago. So we could not go out with the eagles. To much wind and always safety first!! But Nik,Brian and i went to a nice plase to catch the storm and we hade great fun doing arty farty and big waves.

Have been some great days after that and last days we have seen 3 times that two eagles are going for the same fish and why not, looks great in a picture and hope this will be a new product:-)
Tuesday and Wendnesday i went for a big meeting at at Rock City in Namsos www.rockcity.no and i hade a talk there. In the evening i heard that i was nominated for an award from www.trondelag.com . I did not expect to get anything so when the jury call Norway Natur to be one of the winners i was just so happy!!

The toastmaster was Alex Rosen and we all hade lots of good laughters, he is just SO funny. So this is inspiring me and i hope to be the Eagleman for a LOOOOOONG time:-)

 So soon it's time for doing Golden Eagles again, I also take people out in the boat also in winter(if the condition is good) Hope the Goshawk will be back and altso lots of guests. Still a few plases left in October for fishing Sea Eagles and other wildlife.

Take care friends. Rock'n roll and arty farty. Ole

onsdag 8. august 2012


Sorry! I have not been much at my blog the last weeks!
But it have been a good season for me and lots of guest during May-June and July. So the last days of July and first 6 days of Aug I hade  some days of! I have a wife and two boys who would like to see their father and do something togetter!!  And i realy enjoyed this days as well:-)

So the first day of I asked Wenche what she would like to do. She said " could we go out fishing?"  Only me and you. So nice of here, but i realy like my life out in the boat and this was a wonderful first day of my holiday.

Caught some Mackerels and the evening meal was as good as it could be.

After that we wanted to go for a mountain walk in Dovrefjell, we would like to get to the top of Søhetta, one of the moust beautiful mountain in Norway- about 2260 meters.

BUT: Now it's not possible to drive with your ovn car into Snøheim and you need to get a buss. So we meet up at 0830 to take the buss.BUT:  230 people was waiting for this buss and it was only one! I would never be in a queue for walking in the mountain. We hade a smil and went on our ovn walk in the mountains. 

So first we hade a look at a viewpoint and it was just a great building in a beautiful surrounding. Beautiful.

So after this two days we went to Røros and went for an outdoor theater called " ELDEN" . It was just great at atmosphere, beautiful music and a good story.

So now I am ready for new guests and realy looking forward to meet new people. Eagles are great, Otter in the sea, Moose on the filds and mybe a new Red Fox. Take care and hope to see you all in Flatanger!!! 

mandag 28. mai 2012

Thanks Ole!

Springtime for us as nature-photographers is like party every day! But springtime in Scandinavia is even a bigger party, two elusive birds start to show themselves and perform a spectacular display, in the middle of ancient forests and bogs: the huge Capercaillie and noisy Black grouse.

Displays don't last that long however, so to have the best of the best, you need to plan your photography very careful! Our company Tierra Photo Tours was lucky to be able to book a week at Ole's place this year to photograph 'his' Capercaillie and 'his' Black grouse at exactly the right time!


Both species are displaying in a wonderful scenery here in Flatanger: the Caper performs it's show in an ancient boreal forest and the Black grouse on a bog in a fjord. Both spectacular spots, that are so photogenic you don't even need a bird to love the landscape! Birds were in the middle of their highest courtship, and we witnessed fighting, mating and lot's of impressing of rivals! So a lot of good photo- opportunities!


On our previous trips to Norway with Ole, we have found out that options here are endless, so this trip turned out to be another head-cracking time of choices: do we want to do the Capercaillie tomorrow, or the Black grouse, or the White tailed eagles and gulls, or the Red squirrels and Bullfinches and Crested tits, or do we want to shoot landscapes in the spectacular ancient boreal rainforest,...?? Too much to choose, and that's why we come here ànd come back, time after time!


Looking forward to our next visit, Ole, and keep up the good work!

Thanks! Yves Adams Tierra Photo Tours

tirsdag 22. mai 2012

Back for the 5th time ☺

Our 5th visit to Lauvsnes was again a joy and inspiration.

The light is always changing in the Norwegian fjords and this combined with ample opportunities to meet eagles and gulls feels like paradise. Every time we expect the unexpected and it happens again and again.

Beautiful warm light at sunset, dark skies with stripes of sun in between, soft diffuse light, ultimate backlight conditions: conditions that can be optimally used and enjoyed through the expert guidance of Ole.

New experiments with slow shutter speeds and unusual or extreme light conditions provided new insights in many more options. We will come back to continue this voyage of discovery on a next occasion later this year and in visits to come.

Jan van der Greef, The Netherlands (www.insightintonature.com)

søndag 15. april 2012

NRK den 17. april

Da må jeg bare fortelle at Tirsdag den 17.April er det en del god naturfilming fra Flatanger på NRK.

Oktober 2011 hadde jeg besøk av kunstnere fra www.artistsfornature.com . Dette syntes NRK var så spennende at Ulf Myrvold ville lage "Ut I Naturen" fra Flatanger i denne forbindelse, så det ble mange spennende turer både med kunstnerne og NRK. Statskanalen hadde jo 3 forskjellige kameramenn her ute så jeg er utrolig spent på hva dette blir:-) Phuuuu.

Ulf Myrvold sier at det ser meget bra ut og jeg liter på det. Programmet vil hete "Ørnemannen og Kunstnerne" mener jeg at det ble. Men så fikk jeg oppringing fra NRK i Bergen om jeg kunne komme på besøk i "Førkveld" samme dag, altså kvelden den 17.April det også. Flyskrekken må bare vike. Billetter på flyreise har ankommet og da må ørnemannen stille til direktesending mellom kl 1800-1840 denne kvelden. Skal ikke på Børs kafe etterpå. Rett heim til mine forografer som venter.

Men jeg håper Dere der sprer ryktet om en ubarbert ørneguide som vil dukke opp to ganger den 17.April.

Men jeg håper jeg ikke dummer meg helt ut. Dere får vurdere. Ønsk meg lykke til da for pokker!! Jeg får jo ikke med meg noe av dette denne kvelden.