onsdag 28. desember 2011


Dear photography friends, my name is Holger Wagner. I’m a passionate photographer from Germany. I started shooting DSLR in 2006 with my first Nikon camera. I fell in love so much, that I learned over the years everything I could learn about photography and post processing my images. Regarding my specialty I absolutely agree with Rick Sammon, a famous photographer, author and instructor by the way, that I’m not specialized. But when it comes down to it, I love landscape and wildlife. At the end of July this year I had the chance to photograph sea eagles with at least for me, the worlds most famous eagle man, Ole Martin Dahle. You can check out my images from this trip right here http://www.wagnerphotography.de/blog/?p=399 At the end of my stay I talked to Ole Martin, that I would love it, to offer a workshop in the winter season for ambitious and excited photographers. And now the time has come.

I’d like to invite you to join me on a wonderful 5 day photography workshop in the wilderness of a beautiful Norway. I’ll teach you everything I know in a practical way, when we shooting in a small group side by side. After the practical part we do the whole digital workflow in “Adobe’s Lightroom 3” in Ole’s beautiful guesthouse right at the sea. So at the end of this “once in a lifetime” adventure you’ll head back satisfied with great images and some good new friends. Due to a small group, it’s a kind of private workshop surrounded by beautiful landscape and wildlife. Hope to see you and check out my website and blog to get an idea about me. It would be nice to get some comments. I want to close with Ole’s words “go where the pros go”. Let’s do it!

All the best and always good light,
Holger Wagner

For workshop informations click here www.wagnerphotography.de/norwegen_en.html

mandag 5. desember 2011

Bad Influence.

As a old band singer it's good to see that the young once is doing well. A local band from Flatanger called Bad Influence was into a competition Saturday night in the town called Steinkjer. Wenche and i try to go and see what we can when they have a kind of performance. For me it's difficult during summer but this time i have time to support the local stars:-)

This band is called Bad Influence and in the band it's Isak with his bass guitar, Tora who is the singer and the guitar player and Guri who is a singer as well + our son Vetle (drummer) who is Tora's cousin. They make all their music themselves.

This autum they have been in different qualifications and saturday the 3. Desember they were in the final togetter with 5 other bands.

This was the final to be Nord-Trondelags best rock band. Very good bands all of them. We knew that over local boys and girls is a good band but we did not imagine that they would be the all over winners!! But they took rock and roll back to to land of the Sea eagles!!!

This was just a great moment for us. Good to see that young boys and girls take their hobby seriously. And it was a few proud families driving back to Flatanger.

Great fun and today it's snowing!! Ole