fredag 12. april 2013

Winter season is over for this time

So, after having guests from 2. Jan to 21.March this winter seson is over. But when I look outside it’s really not over, LOTS of snow in early April.

Some birds have arrived but i hope they stay away for a few more weeks, it’s hard to be a springbird in Flatanger at the moment.But it’s nice!!

This winter have been very good and i am realy happy with most of it. When you work with nature you never can guarantee what you will get. Some of the firrst days in January this year the weather went to mild and one of my guests from UK got nothing, he had only tree days and he was in the wrong hide every day. I was realy sad about this but he realy wants to come back. Also some days in beginning of March with a group from UK was bad, the first 3 days, storm, rain, mild and one of the guests said after 3 days with nothing “have you had eagles here this winter?” But that night the weather changed and they got mybe the best day this year. That’s how this life is. 

But the winter have been very good, Goshawk have been ok but he has been there early. Golden Eagles nearly every day and up to 5 birds+ two ad Sea Eagles. New Golden Eagle hide was also good but not as good as the old mountain hide, but it’s a different setting and I have seen stunning pictures from that hide.

Also done a few wintersessions with the boat and that is just great but can  be cold.
So to all guests who have been here this winter, THANK YOU! You are all just great people and you all give me lot back, i like to meet different people and that’s why this work is the best!!

No I have e few days of, have to build a hide for Pine Martin, he has been eating like a tiger all winter so now it’s time for him to pay back. It’s a wonderfull plase and i am realy looking forward to have something new for you!

In a few days i have to prepair the tents and hides for Capercaillie and Black Grouse. New people, new meetings and a new spring is knoking on the door!! Rock’n Roll. Greetings from Charlie, he is back!!