tirsdag 22. februar 2011

Angels in the Goshawk forest

It was mothers day. My 5 guests from UK were safe in the hides. I hope they will get their Golden Eagles even if it's strong wind up there. But if you know where to go you always find shelter, and the Goshawk forest is a nice place today. Our sons have other interest, they are to old now to run out in the forrest early a Sunday morning, togetter with mother and father. I guess it's how it should be.

But it's great to have a brother with two you daughters Ester and Sigrid. - " Would you like to have a walk in the Goshawk forrest with us?" - YES!!.

This forrest is protected now, two years ago, and I am realy happy that this is possibel. The trees will stay, and when they die new trees will fill the open gap when one of the old once is death. I know where the Goshawk nest is and this was the first time for Ester and Sigrid to see a big nest in and huge spruce tree.

Whats funny about this, everyone think that the Goshawk would kill moste of the birds and small animals in this forrest. But I tell you, this is the richest area for Capercaillie, Back Grouse , Hazel Grouse , Sguirrels, Artic Hares and more in a wide area!!!

We saw tracks of Moose, Hazel Grouse, Capercaillie, Sguirrels, Artic Hares. Pine Martin and lot more. It's sad that lots of people dont understand the rules in the wild nature.

After 3 houers we had to say goodby to this great forrest, you always have a good feeling in this kind of old forrest,you feel free and relaxed. Thin Ester and Sigrid had a good time. Uncle and aunt enjoyed it very much!! Thank you brother Johnny, Ester and Sigrid.

So our soons, give us grandchildren!! Nothing like beeing out in the wild with this young curious children!! Uncle Eagleman and aunt Eaglewife.