mandag 20. september 2010

"Getting personal"

This winter i will be alone with my dog and my guestes. Not all off the time, but during the weekdays.

My boys are at the highschool this year so they have to stay away from home from Sunday evening to friday afternoon. My wife Wenche will also be away all this year but she will be doing the same as my two boys. Away at the university from Sunday til Friday.( Old lady!!!:-) )

To be honest, friday is a good day for me and Troj:-)

But as I say, if my fam is doing well i feel good.

This Saturday afternoon/evening Wenche and I had a mountain walk, the day was so nice and the light wonderful. 6 hours in the mountains, cofe over open fire, rest and peace and the best view you can imagine.

I love this view and my fam. Have a nice week and a wonderful autumn.

PS! My guest from Belgium got their bull moose pictures."

tirsdag 14. september 2010

How long?

This summer have also been a Red Fox summer, and they are still around!!

Two months ago a young RF just walked into a local house, he when into the kitchen and took some breed. The people in the house was just standing looking!! What a bold young Fox.

This RF have been around all summer, also inside my guesthouse and my guests have had lots of fun.

Some weeks ago they killed my brothers childrens Rabbits. - "Uncle!! you must shoot them".
No, uncle will not shoot them!! You should take better care of your Rabbits and your shoes, and things around. I should also take care of my shoes and other things who is lost now.

It's fun with humans, we like the animals when they are something new and makes no trouble, but when they drop the excrements at your lawn they have to be shoot. I am ok with hunting but when we can have this daily smile from two, just amazing beautiful creatures, I rather take care about what I dont whant them to steal.

I am guite sure they will be around this autum and winter. But you newer know. But I will try to keep people away from killing them.

Fore me this is a smile in the daily life. But its not for my dog, Troj!!!! He hates them, togetter with a few neighbours.