onsdag 27. januar 2010

The smile

This is what a guide are looking for, the smile. I know it´s been a good day, my guests had a wonderful day.

It is not alway like this, yesterday the meteorologist told us to stay inside, a big storm one it's way.Today we had to stay inside, maybe they took a look at what they have got the first 3 days.

But the weather is changing fast, cold and nice weather is coming back and hopefully the smile. I love the smile, even if it's not sharp, I love this job!

søndag 24. januar 2010


BioFoto Central Norway’s yearly weekend in Flatanger
(Written by Edvard Bergene)

The weekend 15-17. January a group from the local chapter of the nature photo organization BioFoto visited Ole Martin in Flatanger for the 6th (or 7th?) time. Some of the participants have been returning on this joined tour every year and some were first timers. To fill all places this year we also had BioFoto participants outside the Trondheim area. During the latest years the success rate among us have increased considerably both due to experience and also improved equipment such as high ISO capable DSLRs. This year’s tour was the most successful so far and every participant got good images of eagles. Some of us also had great success in the relative new hide for goose hawk.

Goose hawk (Photo: Edvard Bergene)

Of course it is easy to utilize Ole Martins hides without doing much ourselves, but those who claim it takes no effort at all to take good photographs of eagles and hawks from hides should try themselves. The best scenes often arise in a split second and if you are not ready you miss the shot. It is also very fascinating just to observe these large birds at close range.

White tailed eagle landing to feed on moose leg (Photo: Sylfest Myklatun)

The advantage of going relatively early in the year is that the chances of fights and action among young birds is high, but the down side is that there is less light available. This year we were quite lucky with the weather conditions, but as long as there is birds to photograph all conditions may yield good shots.

Young white tailed eagles fighting (Photo: Edvard Bergene)

Saturday evening we joined a common meal at the nearby Zanzibar Inn at Lauvsnes. The local caught cod was excellent.

Happy photograpers leaving the hide after a succesful day (Photo: Edvard Bergene)

We will be back. The date for next year’s tour is already set!

mandag 18. januar 2010

Death of a moose

It´s a beautiful winter in Norway, cold, snow and a time to take photo-trips around in the snow-covered landscape.

In this condtion with cold weather, snow and short days the Moose are activ early in the morning and in the evening, serching for food. In the early morning and evening it's hard to see them and there have been lots of Moose"killing" this winter.

You know a Moose, more than 400kg, is not a healty meeting for the the car or the animal, sometimes even people are killed.

So if you are driving in Norway this time of the year you need to drive carefully. But it means I have very good bait for my eagles!

But nobody likes this to happen and it's a lot of pain for this beautiful animal. So take care moose, we like you around, but stay away from the road even if it's easier to walk there!!! We have not made it easy for you, animals.

onsdag 6. januar 2010

Great start Vetle

New Year and it looks great. I love winter, cold, calm, snow and open fire!! And when you do it with your own children, than it's even better. They still like my company, funny:-) Not always!!! But Troy, the Dog, is also good company.

I think this is the best time of the year for some birds as well. Like the Ptarmigans. There are no Gyr Falcons around, they can make their Iglo under deep snow and it's easy to find what they need. I think this is also a very good time of the year for the Norwegian national bird Dipper. Crazy litle beauty.

In Flatanger we have real winter for 2 weeks now and the forecast say more winter.

It's rock'n roll at the hides and people are doing well. Had 7 from UK this christmas, great people as always.

Take care and all the best for 2010. Keep in touch.