torsdag 6. juni 2013

Pine Martin

For many years i have been feeding Pine Martin but the logisticc have not been good. Have to think how fare to drive, how long to walk and so.

Last autum i found a nice place on my own ground and it looks very good. Could get the early morning light from 0300-0600 and the warm evening light for many hours.

So than i started feeding. Just a few days later the food was gone!! YES!! So all winter i have been feeding and the Pine Martin have been very regulary.

But i had to find out when he came for food. My good friend Zenno from Holland came over for a few week to help me. He used cameras in the trees and different thing, you ALL know that i hate this technical stuff.

But Zenno found out. The Pine Martin is there from early morning and also in lunch time. He is also back in early afternoon so this was enough.

I had to build a new hide. So this days i am doing that - and before mid June it will be my new product. I would hope it can be possible to photograph the Pine Martin from April –Sept.

Could be lots of good combination trips. Pine Martin and Seas Eagles. Pine Martin / Sea Eagles/ Musk Ox. Pine Martin/ Great Snipe/ Sea Eagles/Moose/Artic Skua............

So i am realy looking forward to have something new for my guests.

Cross fingers.