tirsdag 9. mars 2010

All wishes fulfilled!

Winter at it’s best in Lauvsnes! Snow-capped trees all around, crispy cold and a perfect mixture of snowfall and sunshine. Eagles, Goshawks, Jays and many small bird-species could be photographed as well as moose in heavy snowfall and several predators at a visit in the enclosures of a zoo.

Ole-Martin did a perfect job: He knows “his” animals and he knows the needs of the photographers. Every photo-place is prepared for the highest demands. Perfect background, perfect perspective from the hides, perfect distance to the animals, that’s really something special in the “wildlife-photography-business”!

His good sense of humor makes you feel happy even when the day should not have been the best from the photographic point of view, what could happen, because it is still nature what we are taking pictures of. And to arrive at the cosy, warm guesthouse at the sea after a long cold day makes you feel like coming home. A fantastic stay in a winter-wonderland that ended with a brilliant Aurora borealis over Lauvsnes.

All wishes fulfilled!

Werner Bollmann - www.wernerbollmann.de