tirsdag 25. februar 2014

Winter season is soon over

My winter season starts at 1. Nov and i stop about 10.March. This have been a different year. It started with a few winterstorms, realy hard and than a few weeks with good old winter. But the storms did some damage.

Looks good in early December 2013. Lauvsnes on a winterday.

Minna is cleaning the boat for a Desember day out with Sea Eagles in falling snow. Eagles are great all year and also in falling snow. Difficult, but great fun.

Hungry Gull in Desember and it was a LOT!!!

Nice people from the magazine Natur&Foto.  They got great pictures.

Last sun and last trip out with the eagles was about 18th Des, stil good light !!

My new christmas hat. look great!

During last days of Des 2013 all snow was gone. We had lots of nice walks in the mountains during Christmas. Realy great days with family and friends.

During one of the mountain walk i found this stone, did not know what is was before someone called me and said “ This is a knife from the young stoneage, about 5000 years old”

January and most of Feb have been realy different this year, no rain and no snow.Vey dry and we had a terrible fire south in Flatanger, mountains where burning and 63 houses, cabins and sea houses when into the fire. Really bad.

Part of Småværet who was realy bad. But everyone say they will build up again so people are strong!!

But even in this fire situation I had guests, and Jean-Michel and his group did well.

And Luigi  and Andre with their group.

So to all guest who have been here and make it possible for me to have a full time work as the “eagleman”  Thank you.
Have been people here more or less since 1.Nov last year and in the beginning of March i can have my first day of since 28.Des. Thank you all.
Now we go for spring and summer but it’s possible to have a go also in March and April. I am here.
All the best from the Eagleman