onsdag 15. desember 2010


Five years ago this happened. My wife was at home alone. Our cat Pusur was pregnant and this was the day for the birth. We have given Pusur pills not to get pregnant but it looks like she did it anyway:-)

On the veranda this day she started the birth and my wife had to help the cat. The boys was at school and eagleman out in his boat. The first young one came out, dead, nr two also dead and the same with nr tree and than 2 last once came out alive.

My wife found this realy sad with tree dead smal cats.

So she took a piece of paper and made a hole in the ground to dig down this tree deat cats.

She than took care of the mother and two young once who still was alive.

Our son Vetle came home from school and he saw something moving in the ground.
He went to his mother and told hear that something scary happend outside.
Wenche went out with hear young son and it was scary!! Up from the ground a tiny small cat came up from the "graveyard" stood up from the death! A small black, newborn cat digged himself up to into the sunlight.

So my wife thought it was dead but he was not!!! This wifes are scary as well!!!!
So to give this cat a name was easy, Lucky is still our beautiful black cat and he is doing well.


fredag 26. november 2010


November have been good and cold. But last days have been VERY cold inland. In Flatanger only minus 6-8 but just half the way to Namsos it was minus 20.

But it's so nice!

It was also hard to keep fingers warm when I took this pictures. Dont know how they do it when it's 30-40!! Must be Munier to do that:-)

It's not often we have this cold in Nov, should be rain and dark. Now it's cold, white and wonderland.

What will the "real" winter be like. Rock'n roll. But eagles are very hungry so have to keep them alive and photographers have heaters.

Take care. Eagleman. Ole

søndag 21. november 2010

To fantastiske dager i Flatanger

I mai opplevde jeg for første gang ørnene i Flatanger. På båtturene med Ole Martin kom det hver dag mange havørn og på imponerende vis var båten alltid på rett sted når ørna dykket ned for å ta fisken. Vi fikk mange sjanser og minnekortene ble fylt med ørn i alle slags positurer. Turen var så vellykket at jeg begynte å planlegge et nytt besøk – denne gangen for å fotografere kongeørn.

”Kom i november, for da er det masse aktivitet på åteplassen for kongeørnene”, sa Ole Martin. Og slik ble det. Planen var egentlig 2 dager i skjulet for kongeørn, men siden båten til Ole M. fortsatt var på sjøen, ble det til at vi tok den første dagen på sjøen. Det var kommet snø, og Ole M. mente det kunne bli flotte bilder av havørndykk med snø i bakgrunnen. Dette slo virkelig til. Jeg tok masse actionbilder av havørna, men noen landskapsbilder av ørn ble det også. Særlig ett av dykkene satt virkelig bra og gav spesielle bilder. Til sammen hadde vi nærmere 30 dykk denne dagen. Utrolig bra!

Neste dag ble det tur etter kongeørna i det gamle skjulet. Spenningen for min del var stor, og jeg tror Ole M. var like spent siden jeg bare fikk én dag på kongeørn. Ville det bli aktivitet med ørn? Men frykten var ubegrunnet - for hvilken dag vi fikk!

To hyggelige svensker og jeg var på plass i skjulet kl. 07.00. Om lag kl. 8 var den første ørna på plass, og deretter gikk det slag i slag frem til kl. 14. Altså var det ørn på åta kontinuerlig i hele 6 timer. Det var mellom 6 og 8 ulike ørner, og flere ganger var det fighter mellom ørnene. Helt rått! Stort sett holdt ørnene seg nærme åta, men én av ørnene satt lenge i et lite tre kun 5 – 6 meter fra oss. Det kan ikke bli mye bedre enn dette!

Etter denne turen har jeg fått Flatanger-feber. Spørsmålet er ikke om jeg skal tilbake til Ole M. og ørnene, men bare når! Jeg anbefaler alle å ta en tur til Flatanger. Men du er herved advart – reiser du én gang, klarer du ikke la være å planlegge neste tur også.

Takk, Ole M. for flotte dager med deg og ørnene i Flatanger! Jeg kommer tilbake!

Willy Gill, Lindesnes, Norge

søndag 14. november 2010

Nice afternoon

Normaly I take the boat on land during early October, dont want the autum storms to have fun with it. Safe in a house.
But this year I could use a harbour close to me and it's a safe place even if it stormy.

The weather had been bad for some weeks, but then one day the wind droped and with sun and snow on the islands I had to got out and try Sea Eagles with snow coverd islands. I have never done that before.

Tell you, they where hungry, in two hours they took all my fish and I had about 20 dives.

It was cold but you never think about that when you have fun. When you are borned to be a viking you have to act like one:-)

I had a wonderful afternoon with my friends and the Gulls are always there.

What a place to live!! Lucky bas...d!!! Yaheeeeeeee!!!

Eagleman. Ole

onsdag 3. november 2010

New hide

Last autum I made a new hide, it's a very nice hide, if I can say so. But i did not use it because I want to be sure that it's working. Can't advertise a landscape-hide :-) Mybe?

But this hide are made to get Goshawk, Golden Eagles and Sea Eagles at the same hide, Sea Eagles and Goshawk have been there, waiting for the Golden Eagle.

This year I will feed harder here, and I had to sit here to try. Was a lovely day and I whent in togetter with a friend, this was the 25.okt. When I did this , I try you find out what is good and what is bad. Could see that some trees was to high and it was something to improve.

We was guite sure that it was eagles around but no one came down this day. Some Eurasian Jays and you are just hoping for a Goshawk or an eagle in the wonderful light in the nice Spruce tree. The other hide in the mountain is working very well at the moment with good Golden Eagles.

But this year I hope the new hide will be a new good place, i like it. It's about 4 minuts walking from the road.

So it's still plases available for the winter but it looks good with the bookings. Happy me!!

søndag 24. oktober 2010

Welcome winter!

Have been many grey days the last 2 weeks but thats ok with me, making the hides ready for Eagle start the first week of Nov, (Still some plases available).

But this morning 20th October was just what you are looking forward to. Superb light, snow, minus 2 and some sun now and than. The first winter day.

This was a day all photographers find difficult, where shall I start. I do not make my money out of photos so I can just hang around and take funny pictures.

But as I said, I have been starting feeding Goshawk, Golden Eagles and Sea Eagles now so I have a serious job to do as well , but I could stop and take some pictures during driving to different hides.

In the radio I heard that we also in Norway have some trouble with the first winter day, lots of cars out of the road.

I am a man of the seasons, i love all this changes of condition and you would NEVER find me in the hotsports like Rhodos or the the riviera! NEVER!!

Come on winter, we are ready!!

Just get in touch if you want to do some photos. Ole

søndag 10. oktober 2010

Just a Gull

No, they are just like me and you, they have their own personality.

Some looks good
Some looks fat
Some looks like they are smiling

Some looks sad
Some looks angry

Some likes me
Some likes you

Some are lonly riders
Some joins the party, every night.
I love this birds.
I meet them tonight and some reminds me of Andy or Peter or Danny or Pål or Kjartan or.....

They are all my friends.

Ole Martin

mandag 20. september 2010

"Getting personal"

This winter i will be alone with my dog and my guestes. Not all off the time, but during the weekdays.

My boys are at the highschool this year so they have to stay away from home from Sunday evening to friday afternoon. My wife Wenche will also be away all this year but she will be doing the same as my two boys. Away at the university from Sunday til Friday.( Old lady!!!:-) )

To be honest, friday is a good day for me and Troj:-)

But as I say, if my fam is doing well i feel good.

This Saturday afternoon/evening Wenche and I had a mountain walk, the day was so nice and the light wonderful. 6 hours in the mountains, cofe over open fire, rest and peace and the best view you can imagine.

I love this view and my fam. Have a nice week and a wonderful autumn.

PS! My guest from Belgium got their bull moose pictures."