mandag 24. mai 2010

Spring in Norway ???

Spring means: nice whether, some sunshine and + temperatures, but we had it all, some sunshine, lots of rain, hale, snow, -temperatures and of course the wind. This is a little bit different then the spring in Holland :-) But anyway it was a good trip with lots of pictures.

This trip i went for the Caper, Black Grouse and Slavonian Grebe and you will allways have a surprise bird or mammal :-)

I started with the Caper in Flatanger and I will never forget the first night,because this is more then just making some pictures and listen to the sound of the male, I can not explain what it is, you have to Feel This!! I liked it and did it 3 times, I can do this for a week or more :-)

On our way to Tunnsjø, we found the Slavonian Grebe in a huge Lake near Steinkjer. These birds are not shy when you are silence and have patient, they come close, between 10 and 20 meter, perfect distance for little birds.

We also did 2 days Caper in snow in Tunnsjø (north from Flatanger) you didn't have to walk that much, because they bring you with the Cool snowmobile, it was very cool to go with that brutal machine!!

In the snow I did some new photography, making pictures with a frozen lens, I never did that before and I will try it again this winter :-) the last night it was -7 in the tent and it started with a little bit sunshine, but very soon the fog came and my lenses started to freeze, I clean them, but it didn't work and I had to wait till they where clean again, so I miss the big fighting with the 2 males, well missed ?? I got some frozen images...

We also find Black Throated divers on a Lake, that was a easy choice for me, do them or not ?? The sound is awesome, but they are shy and keep their distance, 40/50 meter is normal for those birds.

Ole Martin told me that the Siskin was a new species at the Goshawk hide, he sayd was it a greenfinch or ??? nope it is a Siskin and i was able to take a couple pictures of the birds.

Again i had a great trip and see you next time.

Zenno Bloemendal,