fredag 5. juli 2013


A friend called me , “we saw a sick Sea Eagle on topp of a small island, just  moving the head a litle bit, can you do something about this?” I called the police and they asked me to do the job. I know what i had to do if the eagle was realy bad. Dont like it at all but someone have to do it.

My boys Odin and Vetle was ready to help me  so in a hurry into the boat and drive about 20 min.

Beautiful day and it’s hard to go out to take a birds life when you are so into the life with the eagles like i am. I am out 140 days with this birds. We found the island and the birds, a beautiful Orcide close to the bird with Cloudberries painting the ground.

As always, my son Vetle never climb the easy way, always find something steep. A call from him “ Father, it’s lots of feathers here, looks like a nest”

Now i understand and also see, this is a young bird , the nest is on the ground so the young Sea Eagle can easy walk around away from the nest.

I throw the stick away and hade a few min with this new generation Sea Eagles. Amazing to be so close!!

It became a wonderfull day with the boys and eagles, again!!