søndag 23. desember 2012


Just to tell you that everything is good here in Flatanger.


Thank you all, you make it possible for me. Have been a good year for my family and me. One of the reasons for that is because i can have the best work you can think of, meeting so many great people during the year.

Now there is time to start a new year. The first guests arrive the 4th Jan. Winterbookings are very good and so the birds and mamals. 

March - Shooting grouse in the mountains.
April - Cod dinner.

This autum i have been working hard to get the Pine Martin available. Looks very good and i am feeding this beautiful animals 3 times during the week.So in spring i have to build a hide or two. Realy looking forward to get this ready before spring.
May - Time for Capricalie

June - Wenche and Charlie, Charlie to the right.

So to all of you:
Take care during christmas and all the best for 2013. I am realy looking forward to meet “old” guests but also new once.

August - We love local plays, this is from Pe Torsa in Lierne.
September - Time for eagles with some great people.
Oktober - Island walking with friends
November - Time for some arty farty.
Desember - My only day in the hide in 2012 was the 18. Lots of eagles!
Greetings from Ole, Wenche, Odin and Vetle

søndag 2. desember 2012

What to do in November?

November. Where is the light, the light I need to make my photos?  I found it in Flatanger, Norway. 

November. A month not usually linked with much photographic enjoyment, more like a long waiting for Christmas. But, after spending 6 days with the nature guide Ole Martin Dahle it feels that all my wishes for Christmas already came through in November. 

There are two hides set up mainly for the Golden eagle, both in beautiful settings with very good photographic opportunities. The quality of the late autumn light here up north will cure all tendency towards winter depression. Even if the daylight is limited to some 6 hours, the low sun means that there is possibilities to photography all the day. 

Both hides offered several visits of the great eagle every day and even two at the time occasionally. To witness a fight between these magnificent birds is a truly special experience, believe me. A bunch of Jays offers entertainment for the trigger finger when the eagles are away.

One day Ole took me and another Swedish photographer, Kenny Isaksson from Göteborg, out on one of his famous boat trips. The day meet us with a freezing breeze from the sea and choppy seas but Ole offered us warm survival suits. Why do you want to go out on the sea in these rather harsh conditions? Because the archipelago of Flatanger offers several territories of the White-tailed eagles and Ole Martin knows them all. 

During winter time, there are also a substantial number of younger eagles visiting the area. A less than three hour boat trip offered more than thirty white-tailed eagles close to the boat and some twenty dives after fish in fantastic winter light. The combination of the large number of birds, low winter sun and Ole Martins handling of the boat made up for some special photo opportunities. 

Large number of Gull’s offers the extra entertainment that always seems to be a part of the deal when you are a guest here.

So Ole Martin, thank you for some unforgettable November days in your company in Flatanger. The combination of a truly extensive knowledge about the eagles and your photographers eyes packed together with your fantastic hospitality and house makes me want to come back. Soon, very soon!

Gunnar Aus, Sävedalen, Sweden