tirsdag 18. januar 2011

Sea Eagle tagging

For many years the researchers have put rings on birds legs. There is different codes in different countries and in Norway they are using blue ring on the right leg of the Sea eagles. The blue ring tells it's from Stavanger Museum who are the center for all bird ringing in Norway.

But from 1976 they also put on ring at the left leg as well, then we know which year the bird is ringed in the nest, because the Sea eagles are ringed whene they are young. Not easy to get adult birds!! Photographers who are visiting me dont like this markings because they will have a job to get it away in photoshop:-)

But there is not many, out of my 12 good pairs, I think it's only about 4-5 out of 24 birds who is marked.
They dont "tagg" them in my area anymore.

But it's also interesting some time to know how old this bird can be, so we still have to look for "Staffan" "OJ" "MIGUEL" and see how long they will stay in the territory. So this is what to look for; always blue on the right leg and year code with differen colors on the left.

1976 - Green
1977 - orange
1978 - blue
1979 - red
1980 - black
1981 - silver
1982 - black/red
1983 - silver/blue
1984 - silver/red
1985 - black/blue
1986 - blue/silver
1987 - red/black
1988 - blue/orange
1989 - red/silver
1990 - blue/black
1991 - silver/blue
1992 - orange/red
1993 - black/silver
1994 - red/orange
1995 - black/orange
1996 - orange/silver
1997 - red/orange + number
1998 - silver/black + number
1999 - blue/red + number
2000 - orange/black+ number
2001 - silver/orange + number
2002 - green + number
2003 - orange + number
2004 - blue + number
2005 - black + number
2006 - black/red + number
2007 - orange/blue + number
2008 - silver/red +number
2009 - black/blue + number
2010 - blue/silver +number

Have a look and see what you have in your PC.

lørdag 8. januar 2011

Nikolai II

Christmas evening, i got my books also this christmas, one is about all the Single Malts in Scotland, so now I can learn about my hobby, collecting Single Malt Whisky.

The best days in Christmas is this slow days with the fam. Eating, reading books and playing cards and so. But when I was reading one of my new book evening the 25th Des. "Life" Keith Richard, great book!! Our dog just ran into the veranda door and started yelping like a Wolf.

I looked out of the window and outside Mr. Nikolaj II was sitting outside. (Nikolaj I is living in the Zoo). Our dog Troj hates this Red Fox!! But i love this beauty. I found some realy great food from the christmas dinner and my Nikon D 700 and the 24-70mm. I whent out on the veranda and called for Nikolaj. He came. he is not like other Foxes and he is eating from my hands if I like.

But now I put some meet close to the outdoor chrismas tree and some santas so it looked nice:-) Nikolaj II came many times, the yale from Troj sounds like a flock of Wolfs.

This more or less tame Fox is the only left from the summer. There is always someone who can't find the beauty of a nice animal, someone have to shoot if there is something to shoot at. But we now have Nikolaj and i hope he will be around all winter. Will be good for all the guests who will be here in the winter. All the best to all of you in the New Year. Ole