torsdag 24. november 2011

Bad light but great fun

My good freind Staffan Widstrand from Sweden came over to Flatanger for a few days.

As most of you know, I never shoot with my guests. (Mybe with the Musk Ox). I started to feed the Goshawk about 3 weeks ago and the first guests this winter/autum have been doing realy great, all of them. There is a adult Goshawk and she is so much different/better from last winter. So when Staffan asked me to have a go with him I had to say yes:-) So Monday morning the 21th Nov we went down to the hide in the darkness.

Some warm strong cofe is needed, and Staffan is easy to spend some hours with. 0845 we saw the shadow, Goshawk landed on the bait. But it was the young one. Anyway a Goshawk is a Goshawk.

He did not start to eat, just looking at the Eurasian Jays, Sguirrels and tits. And than he started his own hunting and that was a show. For about one hour he tryed to get this fast Jays but with no luck.

But for Staffan and me this was great. The Goshawk was sitting all around and sometimes to close for me.. I was shooting with Nikon D700 and 200-400mm ISO 1600 all day and shutter not more than 100!! But when we could shoot for more than 5 hours there should be something sharp. We had to push him away because there where no one to bring us out, the guide was in the hide:-) But I was so happy!

Thank you for a great day Staffan and litle Gos! - Eagleman

4 kommentarer:

  1. Like viktig å kose seg som å få bilder. Dessuten er alt lys fotolys.
    Bildene var fine de:)
    God helg.


  2. Flott serie. Skarpt så det holder til tross for relativt treg lukkertid. Fine farver.

  3. Hallo Ketil og Torbjørn.Sant som Du sier Ketil, det er alltid noe lys.Nå kom jo snøen også!! Lysere og mye triveligere. "Berit" var på besøk men hun fikk ikke med seg noe fra meg!! Flott kvinne, hørtes da hun kom men stakk da hun så meg:-) Ciao.

  4. Your pictures are wonderful.
    Greetings from Switzerland


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