onsdag 8. august 2012


Sorry! I have not been much at my blog the last weeks!
But it have been a good season for me and lots of guest during May-June and July. So the last days of July and first 6 days of Aug I hade  some days of! I have a wife and two boys who would like to see their father and do something togetter!!  And i realy enjoyed this days as well:-)

So the first day of I asked Wenche what she would like to do. She said " could we go out fishing?"  Only me and you. So nice of here, but i realy like my life out in the boat and this was a wonderful first day of my holiday.

Caught some Mackerels and the evening meal was as good as it could be.

After that we wanted to go for a mountain walk in Dovrefjell, we would like to get to the top of Søhetta, one of the moust beautiful mountain in Norway- about 2260 meters.

BUT: Now it's not possible to drive with your ovn car into Snøheim and you need to get a buss. So we meet up at 0830 to take the buss.BUT:  230 people was waiting for this buss and it was only one! I would never be in a queue for walking in the mountain. We hade a smil and went on our ovn walk in the mountains. 

So first we hade a look at a viewpoint and it was just a great building in a beautiful surrounding. Beautiful.

So after this two days we went to Røros and went for an outdoor theater called " ELDEN" . It was just great at atmosphere, beautiful music and a good story.

So now I am ready for new guests and realy looking forward to meet new people. Eagles are great, Otter in the sea, Moose on the filds and mybe a new Red Fox. Take care and hope to see you all in Flatanger!!!