søndag 3. mars 2013

One day with the sami people.

I always hope that i can bring photographers to do a session when the Sami peole gathering the Reindeer. It’s not easy and i have done it only once before. Why is this difficult?

The Sami people do not know about the winter/weather  condition and that meens they are not sure when the Reindeer is in the fence. They have the reindeer in there only for one day.

But i know the leader of the Sami people and i am calling him every winter. Lots of photographers ask me “ is it possible to see the Reindeer when the Sami people have the animals in a fence” I must always say - we would need a lot of luck.

So 3 weeks ago i send the leader of the group an SMS, how are you doing with the Reindeer? Could you call me? Fourteen days later, a Sunday evening i got an SMS from him. “ You can come tomorrow!!” So i went down to the group of photographers i had from Reisen-in-die-nature,  Joachim Griesingers group, and asked them. “ Should we let the eagle sleep tomorrow and would you like to have a day with the Sami people?” I also said that this is just like to win in a lottery!!

I could just see how the smile got wider and wider So next day we went earlie and had a wonderful session with them. I normaly do not take pictures with my guests but in this kind of situation it’s possible and they said that they would be happy if i took the camera with me.

So with my Nikon, who is almost sleeping , i could have a great day with the Sami people and my happy guests. And with Reindeer is fun to do  so arty farty.What a day. I know a few other Reindeer owners around and i must try to get in touch about the possibilities to do this more than once. I know lots of you would like to go!! 

Have a nice week.