søndag 24. oktober 2010

Welcome winter!

Have been many grey days the last 2 weeks but thats ok with me, making the hides ready for Eagle start the first week of Nov, (Still some plases available).

But this morning 20th October was just what you are looking forward to. Superb light, snow, minus 2 and some sun now and than. The first winter day.

This was a day all photographers find difficult, where shall I start. I do not make my money out of photos so I can just hang around and take funny pictures.

But as I said, I have been starting feeding Goshawk, Golden Eagles and Sea Eagles now so I have a serious job to do as well , but I could stop and take some pictures during driving to different hides.

In the radio I heard that we also in Norway have some trouble with the first winter day, lots of cars out of the road.

I am a man of the seasons, i love all this changes of condition and you would NEVER find me in the hotsports like Rhodos or the the riviera! NEVER!!

Come on winter, we are ready!!

Just get in touch if you want to do some photos. Ole

søndag 10. oktober 2010

Just a Gull

No, they are just like me and you, they have their own personality.

Some looks good
Some looks fat
Some looks like they are smiling

Some looks sad
Some looks angry

Some likes me
Some likes you

Some are lonly riders
Some joins the party, every night.
I love this birds.
I meet them tonight and some reminds me of Andy or Peter or Danny or Pål or Kjartan or.....

They are all my friends.

Ole Martin