torsdag 21. august 2014

One hole night

Hour by Hour between 2100-0500 the 8/9 July.

“ Never done this before with photographers but everything have to be a first time.
Bjørn Oddvar asked me-“should we go out to stay a hole night?”

Yes, why not, we would miss the football agains Germany and Brasil but anyway. 
PS! Got SMS from Odin during the match!! 7-1!!!
But this great summer night was just a pressent from mother earth!! Not much to say realy , this must be something you must see and feel.

Eagles, light, friends,coffe,laughter,tired,coffee,silence and Gulls. So this is pictures hour by hour.

Thank you. Eagleman

9 kommentarer:

  1. Gode minner :) Det var en herlig tur, tusen takk :)

  2. Hello Ole Martin,
    super idea!
    The light is fantastic and we would be very happy to have been here.
    Best regards Axel & Heike from Nürnberg

  3. Did you mean "whole night"or a "hole in the night

  4. Hej Ole M !
    Ser ut som en härlig tur det där. Stort grattis till Wenche som vann fototävlingen i Natur&Foto !!!

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