tirsdag 10. november 2009

Walking around

After a successful workshop, with my good friend Brutus Øsling and 7 Swedish photographers, I had Monday 9-11 off.
I told my wife Wenche that I should use that day for some backup fishing.

But as you all know, if they know you have a day of, they want to make a plan!! :-)
She did not ask for cleaning the house!!!! She said: - "shouldn't we have a day together, let's have a mountain walk".

Plan was made for Monday. Beautiful morning when we started, minus 4 , sun and some mist, I do not take a lot of pictures but today I couldn't let it be.

In the shadow there was ice, lots of subjects, 7 Willow Ptarmigans was pushed out from some trees by our dog Troj.

Tracks of Moose everywhere. It feels so good to walk when the temperature is low, air is clean and you could walk for days, and a big man like me , I can tell you, was drenched in sweat!!!

After 4 hours walk we made a good fire, made our food over open fire, also this way of making cofe is the best way. It tasted great.

A day like this makes you feel VERY happy to be a part of this beautiful nature, I am normaly a happy "young" lad but this day was just what I needed with my wife.

Thank you Wenche and Troj, a great day togetter with you two. Boys was at School.

New group today and the Golden Eagles, Goshawk and Sea Eagles are as good as last year. Mybe we should make a 7 days workshop , just walking around:-)

With my new ice-filter

Ole Martin Dahle, www.norway-nature.com

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  1. Good to see you also have some time for the family. You're always busy to make something special for your customers. I know it's your job but you do it with your heart and soul.

    Looking forward seeing you again next year.

    Edwin Kats



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