mandag 30. november 2009

2 hours in the hide

This was the day when nature changed from something between autum and spring in few hours.
But Sunday morning, the advent Sunday , was just fabulous!! Meant to take a mountain walk with the boys and the dog,but it was to much snow, and it was still snowing!!
I let the boys sleep, I am heading to the small bird hide, could be nice to get small birds in snow.

Into the forest, dark realy, but good enough for me:-) This is always fun, fast small birds, asking for more speed but this is the light i have., take it or leave it.

Hade a nice sesion with Coal Tit, Eurasian Jay, Great Tit, Willow and Crested.
Heard from the lad sitting with the Golden eagles, four GE in the snow!! Bastard!! :-)

But when I whent out the light was very dramatic, and when you want to do everything you are just doing everything wrong!! And i am not good at this.

Forecast say more snow!!
I need some more pictures for my blog. I'll try to get some more landscaps.Take care!
Ole m

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hei Ole Martin og takk for sist..
    Artig og se at det kryr med små pipp pipp oppe hos deg også da...
    Fine bilder av småfuglene med den fine snøen som ramme...

    Fikk plass i mai på Bio foto safarie til deg, så da sees vi i mai 2010, gleder meg allerede..


    mvh Ole Arne

  2. Wonderful story about these small birds and a magnificent performance in the shots. Congratulations , and merry xmas. Greetings from Spain.

  3. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.


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