lørdag 21. mars 2009

Nature and hospitality in perfect harmony.

As a travel photographer I am used to movement and action. I was uncertain whether I could sit still for hours in a hide, waiting for something to happen. I could - and it was great! The silence and the perceptible proximity of nature made it an experience of the special art. 

I will never forget the moment, when the Goshawk silently approached. He was very shy and carefully looked around before he started to feed on the bait. That was the long waited moment to start taking pictures. He stayed for about an hour, before he left.

But there was also action. After a whole day without any visit of Eagles, we got rewarded the next day with a spectacular show of three fighting Eagles. It was an extremely fast event and lasted only a few seconds. 

A visit to a natural park allowed us to photograph Lynx, Arctic Fox und Wolves in their natural environment. And on the way to the park we visited a hide in a clearing to photograph Moose. 

I will certainly return to this wonderful place, at which nature and hospitality are in perfect harmony. 
Thank you Ole Martin, for having made this wonderful experience possible!

Rudolf Hug, Switzerland

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