mandag 15. oktober 2012


Last week 5 researchers have been in my gusthouse for some days. Their main mission was to look for Eagle Owls in Flatanger, but during daytime they hade some time "of"f and they had some nets outsidethe house. Realy nice to see how they are working.

Most of the catch was Blue Tits and Great Tits. So I am ok with this small birds and I told them to keep away from the eagles. We do not like rings at our big birds!!

But also to guide them around with the bait listning for Eagle Owls when it wasdark was great fun.
We heard this amazing Owl and it's good to know they are around. They are realy hard to see but this days it's possible to hear in the evening. So Aurora Borealis with the sound of Eagle Owls is not a bad combination.

Just to let you know, this will be a great year for Aurora and we have seen it nearly every evening the last week. It's realy nice days out here now, great autum colours and great light. But  am sure we soon have the snow. And why not. During next week I will start feeding the Golden Eagles again, winter season is getting closer.

Did some filming with a Irish film crew from "Crossing the line film"  Cepa and Jon.This will be about the last 5 years project to bring Norwegian Eagles  to Irland. I have been a small part of that project and it have been realy great . This film will be possible to see in NRK during christmas.

Ole M

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  1. Skulle bare mangle at det ikke er hubro i de fantastiske "skråningene" du har i Flatanger ! Majestetiske og mystiske fugler.

  2. Jo da, vi viste at det var Hubro her ute. Men nå som vindkraftgalskapen går bannanas så bør jo dette komme frem. Men det ser ut som om rødlister ikke blir tatt hensyn til.Rein kraft skjønner Du!! Fy f... Ole


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