fredag 30. juli 2010


Now I need some days with my family. Have been a long early summer, mixed weather but always something to do. Eagles have been very good also this summer, working with about 12 pairs and the best days this summer we have had about 30 dives in two sessions. Also other things like Gulls in nice conditions, Otter, some easy Red Fox and Seals. You must be out to get pictures.

Last week before our holiday we had some great weather, sunseth and just flat water. I feel i meet all the nicest people on this planet, i am very glad to meet you all.

Last days I had Tom Dyring and his wife Ingebjørg, Markus Varesvuo and his wife Minna, Staffan Widstrand and his daughter Mimi and Mimi's friend Julia.

The Editor from the magazin NATURFOTOGRAFEN - Svein Wik, a magazin for biofoto in Norway,Sweden and Finland, had a meeting with Staffan Widstrand

Read the next number.

If you want to see Markus Varesvuo's great picture from last week , look at , Common Gull riding Sea eagle!!!

So take care all of you, I will mybe go out with the eagles in my 10days looooong holiday to do some pictures, but than I will bring my family. So eagles, dont worry, i'll be around!

Ole -Eagleman-

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  1. Hi Eagleman !!! Our week in Flatanger (4th time around !!) was superb, .. nice people and magic nature out there!! I will blog this stuff as soon as I get get my breath back !! Looking forward to next time.


  2. Hallo Tom and Ingebjørg. Thank's for this great days togetter with you. Always good comp with this rock'n roll man and his wife. You are not bad as a photographer Mr. Dyring. Looking forward to see some of the ppictures on your blog. Take care. Eagleman


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