torsdag 8. april 2010

Arnold is still alive!!!

For those of you who have seen "Arnold" the Eagle in Flatanger, I have a message, he is still alive!!

After a long ,cold,snowy and hard winter it was great to see that Arnold is still alive. We called him Arnold because of his bad looking face (could be me or Arnold from California).

Look at this beak, it was like this also last year. I was realy afraid that this winter would be his last so I was just so happy to see him picking fish again, good man!!

As me, he has a beautiful wife, the other picture, lovely girl to have in the cliffs. I am not sure they are nesting this year, but I hope his chicks will look better if he success. So we have to keep him going, mybe he need a fan club?

As you also can see, Charlie is back in buisness, eating from the hand already.Amazing after 5 months away, think he knows me from last year. Good friends to have.

Did also see one Black- headed Gull, not a common spices in Flatanger.

So to all of you, spring is back, Capercaillie is leking from the sound of Black Grouse. Feels great to be a part of this nature. We have to fight for it!!!

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  1. Hei Ole Martin!

    Tusen takk for en fin tur! Han er kanskje ikke noen fruktkurv denne Arnold, men han har draget på damene! Du traff virkelig godt på bildet av henne!

    Det ble noen bilder av Arnold på meg også, han var jo så grei å gjøre flere stup og forbiflygninger. Så hvis jeg får lov, melder jeg meg inn i fan-klubben hans :)


  2. Hallo Øyvind. Takk for at Du vil bli Arnolds venn.
    Må vel bli en del av facebooksystemet jeg også slik at vi kan lage en profil på Arnold.Ellers takk for besøket.Jo jeg treffer godt på damer:-) Go helg. Ole M

  3. Oh so pleased Ole . His beak didn't look in good shape last year so his return is a joy to hear .
    What is it with Ugly Norwegians they can attract some stunning females ....You included ! LOL
    An awesome bird and as you know my favourite .With his mental approach I feel a personal connection.LOL
    Arnold on facebook would be a great idea.
    ''Ugly Norwegians with an attitude problem .''
    Super news

  4. Last post by Mark Davies

  5. Hallo Mark. I should be a member of facebook!!
    Why we attracts stunning females? Good guestion:-)I will say hallo and hope to see you back soon Mark. As you know, you can't fly, i'll send Arnold ower to you for a week.ole

  6. It would be a joy to have Arnold on vacation here for a week .But I have a feeling he would empty my lake of its fish stocks during that week !
    Amethystium is on the CD spinner these days ,how Norwegian am I !
    Now were did I put that herring sandwich.
    Off out now with a few Hares as company I do hope one of those females gets really upset tonight I need them boxing .Just like in our house..LOL
    How is your Icelandic dust cloud ?Is it them burning all that lost money?
    All the best friend and see you soon...

    Mark D


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